Car Mechanic Mercedes Benz

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Job Description

• Inspecting, maintaining and repairing cars or (part) systems;
• Detecting any malfunctions;
• If desired, you can explain to the customer about a repair that has been carried out.

Required skills

You are a real specialist and have a great interest in premium cars. More important than long work experience is that you can work independently, do not do half work, strive for high customer satisfaction and have the ambition to further develop yourself in automotive technology.

• You have completed an Automotive Technician education;
• You are a real specialist and have a great interest in cars. Experience in a similar position is a big plus;
• Affinity with the Mercedes-Benz brand;
• Available full-time.

About the company

In 75 years, our client has grown into the largest and nicest car company in the Benelux. Even though they are now a large company, they are and will remain a family business. They work in Gouda with a total of 30 colleagues. Together they believe it is important to exceed customers’ expectations and provide them with excellent service. They do this with success and they have been named the best Mercedes-Benz dealer in the Netherlands in 2022. They have achieved this together with all their colleagues and they are proud of it.

What the company offers

  • Salary range gross: between € 2.600,00 and € 3.250,00
  • Salary range net: between € 2.250,00 and € 2.750,00
  • Secondary benefits: 8% holiday allowance, pension, bicycle leasing plan, courses and training, travel allowance, discounts in cars, parts and insurance.

About the location

Gouda: tips for exploring the medieval city of cheese –

Application procedure

  • Submit an application: You send us your CV and cover letter.
  • First meeting: We talk through Teams to discuss your skills and experience.
  • Second meeting: If you or we think it is necessary, we can schedule a second interview to explain things more in depth.
  • Report: We create a report for our client and send it to them.
  • Conversation with our client: You speak to our client through Teams for a follow-up interview.
  • Visit to the Netherlands: You go to the Netherlands to meet the team and spend a few days with them (the costs will be paid).
  • Proposal from your new employer: You will receive a proposal, with all terms and conditions.
  • Completion of the procedure: After acceptance of the proposal, we start finalizing all administrative and logistical details to facilitate your employment.

Car Mechanic Mercedes Benz

• Inspecting, maintaining and repairing cars or (part) systems;
• Detecting any malfunctions;
• If desired, you can explain to the customer about a repair that has been carried out.

Car Mechanic Mercedes Benz

• Inspecting, maintaining and repairing cars or (part) systems;
• Detecting any malfunctions;
• If desired, you can explain to the customer about a repair that has been carried out.

First Car Mechanic

• You carry out maintance and repairs
• You perform MOT’s
• You keep track of what needs to be ordered
• You motive the team


Market Research and Analysis
• Investigating the Spanish labor market to identify trends and available talent within the technical sector.
• Analyzing competition and benchmarking recruitment strategies.

Talent Acquisition and Sourcing
• Actively approaching and sourcing potential candidates.

Selection and Interviewing
• Screening resumes and applications to identify the most qualified candidates.
• Conducting telephone and face- to -face interviews to assess the suitability of candidates.

Process optimization
• Evaluating and improving the recruitment process to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
• Implementing new tools and techniques to improve the candidate experience.

Reporting and Evaluation
• Regularly report on the progress and results of the recruitment activities to the supervisor.
• Evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen strategies and make recommendations for further improvement.

First Car Mechanic

As a first car mechanic, you are an expert in carrying out maintenance and repair work. You are the hero who diagnoses and solves problems. You perform regular maintenance, replace parts, fix repairs and check vehicles for any issues. You work together with your great fellow technicians.

Process Engineer (HSSE Affinity)

As a Senior Engineer HSSE you have a fairly broad and challenging range of tasks. You participate in a multidisciplinary design team, in which each team member is responsible for carrying out studies and delivering the documents requested by the customer within their own knowledge area. You also ensure that your work is carried out in accordance with the applicable (industrial) standards and company (or customer) requirements. This way you can independently analyze and develop a customer safety issue and report clearly on it, developing and translating the results of the analysis into concrete actions. You are also able to master complex (design) issues regarding process safety and compliance and advise the customer on this.

Safety, efficiency and sustainability are the most important aspects that are reflected in our work. You are always aware of your exemplary role with regard to HSSE policy and safe working in general and are able to transfer this to colleagues.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve the desired result together with the customer.

Lead Electrical Engineer

As a Lead Electrical Engineer you will have an active and challenging role in engineering projects. Your work is diverse. In this way, you agree with the customer(s) what the assignment will be on a technical level in combination with the various preconditions such as planning, reporting, delivery dates, etc. You are then responsible for the division of work and planning of the project and you support Engineers and/or or Designers where necessary. You also have consultations with other departments/stakeholders.

You are also involved in the preparation of conceptual and complex designs and you check all common electrical drawings, designs and calculations from colleagues. Ultimately, you are responsible for the packages to be delivered that correspond to the customer specifications (applicable quality standards, specifications, etc.). You manage and maintain the relationship with the customer(s) and supplier(s) from A to Z.

Efficiency, safety and sustainability are the most important aspects that arise during your work. You will have the freedom to work in challenging projects within various sectors of the industry.

Sr. Electrical Engineer

You are responsible for the technical supervision of 'stops', which involves all kinds of replacement and renewal issues at the largest airport in the Netherlands.

Your challenge is to ensure that good stakeholder management, planning and coordination with third parties takes place because you realize projects with different stakeholders. There is also a challenge in coordinating in such a way that the users of the buildings are disturbed as little as possible in their daily activities.
As an all-round Engineer, you are responsible for carrying out the project assignment and objectives, in consultation with the (internal) client, in terms of goal, scope, result, output and required people and resources. You also provide input in drawing up the project plan, investment proposal, program of requirements and tender documents and ensure the availability of the required time, people, resources and instruments. You are then responsible for implementing the project plan, monitoring and adjusting (if necessary).

Your responsibilities also include drawing up specifications, taking inventory, assessing and selecting the purchase of products and services from implementing parties in consultation with the purchasing department.

It is also important to prepare and discuss project progress reports and cost overviews. And evaluating the project, both qualitatively and quantitatively, and transferring project results to the (internal) client.

Sr. Electrical Design Engineer

As a Senior Electrical Design Engineer you will have an active and challenging role in developing the design of electrical installations for energy and industrial projects. The projects relate to low, medium and high voltage installations, emergency power installations, lighting, motors and drives, earthing, lightning protection, etc.

You play an important role in translating the customer's wishes at different stages of a project into the most practical and optimal design. This includes setting up block and single line diagrams, schedules, various layouts, cable lists, carrying out low-voltage cable calculations, drawing up MTOs and work descriptions and carrying out recording and measuring work at site locations. You work with MS Office, AutoCAD and Intelec, among other things.

You will have the opportunity to develop challenging projects in various sectors of the industry and energy market to ultimately achieve the desired result together with the client. Such as, for example, reducing emissions, energy savings or a safe installation.

Car Damage Technician

As a car damage technician, you have a clear goal in mind: to ensure that cars leave the workshop in top condition. Your work is extra fun because you make a lot of difference and get results from what you do.

Main responsibilities

• Carrying out bodywork and sheet metal work
• Both dismantling and assembly work
• Repairing and repairing damage, according to the manufacturer's instructions
• Straightening of vehicles using measurement and targeting systems
• Diagnosing and calibrating ADAS systems
• Ensuring that our customer can demonstrably get back on the road safely after repair

Bus Mechanic

As a bus mechanic you are the expert in the field of all maintenance and repair work on buses. In addition, you make diagnoses and you are able to independently perform the resulting activities. In this way, you efficiently ensure that the customer's vehicle is back in top condition.

First Mechanic Technician

The most beautiful cars drive into your workshop, from C-Class to Sprinter. It's time to take a look under the hood or perform periodic maintenance because your customers come to you with a wide range of requests, from an APK inspection to a set of winter tires. It gets really interesting when you get to work on the more complex technical parts of the car. In a Mercedes, all parts are carefully designed, from engine management to the Intelligent Drive system.

You work from a hypermodern workshop on perhaps the most beautiful cars driving in the Netherlands. Cars that require attention and careful handling. That's something you can handle. In the workshop, you work with a number of colleague mechanics and are supervised by the workshop manager.

You perform inspections and tests and from there, you diagnose issues. You are not afraid to perform repairs and maintenance on different models or install accessories in new or existing cars.

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